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Governance at Pathways

Governance at Pathways-


Following the principles of cohousing, governance at Pathways is based on collaborative responsibility and decision making and is non-hierarchical in nature.  

  • The monthly General Meeting has the ultimate authority over the shared life and property of the community.  It is responsible for approving the annual budget, capital expenses, condominium fees, etc , as well as providing a forum for issues relating to community values, concerns and interests (Rules and Regulations, 1.1).  

  • The Board of Trustees, which meets bimonthly, is a group of seven unit owners that serves the association through the coordination, planning, and implementation of functions necessary to maintain and preserve the community as described in the mission statement (Rules and Regulations, 2.1).  

  • Committees make decisions by consensus within their areas of responsibility.


At Pathways, we use the consensus model of decision making, in which the group works through issues by listening to each other and coming to a decision that is in the best interest of the whole community. It is more time consuming than a traditional majority vote, but it requires us to think more deeply and learn from and get to know  each other in ways that we would not with a more traditional model. 

Please read our By-Laws and Rules and Regulations to get a better understanding of our governance process. Here are the links to the documents.

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