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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Pathways Co-housing community is a place where members’ lives are enriched through the regular sharing of time, celebrations, meals, and designated facilities. Living in a neighborhood built on an environmentally sensitive scale, it is a place where kindness, simplicity and respect for the values and needs of others are our guidelines.


Pathways is a place where the diversity of our immediate and extended community is embraced wholeheartedly. Within our membership we strive to include and fully support a diverse range of cultures, religions, ages, genders, sexual preferences, classes, and family constellations.


Pathways Cohousing Goals

  • To maintain our land and facilities in an environmentally sound fashion.

  • To maintain units that are affordable for the average single income household.

  • To create and maintain a nurturing, child-safe environment that fosters independence, well-being and respect for others.

  • To use consensus as the primary mode of decision making.



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