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Who We Are


We are a cohousing community, here since 2000, consisting  of 24 households on 45 acres in Florence Mass. We live on 6 acres of this land in order to live closely with one another to create a real neighborhood as well as to leave the rest of the land as protected woodlands. 


In the center of our community , sits our common house where we share meals, have general meetings, parties, political meetings, fundraisers, concert, and we dance, do yoga and tai chi.. We eat, work, schmooze around fires, and play together, celebrating life cycle events and support each other through life’s ups and downs.


What is  Cohousing?

Cohousing is an intentionally designed community, with common spaces surrounded by private homes. Collaborative spaces typically include a common house with a large kitchen and dining room, laundry, and recreational areas and outdoor walkways, open space, gardens, and parking. Neighbors use these spaces to play together, cook for one another, share tools, and work collaboratively. Common property is managed and maintained by community members, providing even more opportunities for growing relationships. 


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