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Community Work and Play

Being part of a cohousing community is all about living, working and playing together.  Here are some of the ways we here at Pathways have fun and get stuff done.

  • Clubs / Groups

    • We have ongoing political action groups (Indivisible, Circle of Care (supporting refugees), Anti-racism Group...).  Also a long standing meditation group (Pathways Sangha), a book group, the Gardening Committee (devoted to maintaining our vegetable garden), and during non-covid times, we have had a meals committee, which focused on organizing our community meals.  Two of our yoga teachers have been offering on-line classes to the community.

  • Social Gatherings:

    • ​​Recent gatherings have all taker place outdoors,  ​often around a warm fire.  We have gathered around an outdoor movie screen for movies and some important political events, and we have enjoyed musical and theatrical events from our Common House deck which we have learned can also function as a stage. 


  •  Meetings-

    • Meetings are integral to sustaining the processes that keep our   community running smoothly and they are a great way of getting to know each other.  We have monthly General Meetings for all members and most committee work gets done at monthly meetings.​​​​

  • Work requirements-  

    • We require that all members (owners and renters)  participate in community engagement activities - 4 - 6 hours per month.  These hours include meeting attendance, performing jobs needed to maintain our Common House and grounds, and hours spent organizing community building activities (such as Zoom dinners or photo competitions).

    • Also, eight times a year we have Community Engagement Days, or work days, where we do the seasonal work needed to keep our grounds and buildings at their best.


  • Committee work

    • is essential to the day-to-day operations needed to keep our community running. All Members are expected to join a committee.  Check out the Building Community page for more details.

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