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Building Community and Getting the Work Done


Meetings:  Pathways members are expected to attend monthly General meetings (which are currently being held on Zoom), and are scheduled on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, from 9:30 to 11.   Also, members are expected to join a committee, which have monthly meetings.

Community Engagement:   

  • All members (owners and renters) are required to participate in community engagement activities 4 hours per month.  This can be in the form of attending meetings, performing tasks, organizing community-building activities, etc. 

  • Work days: are central to getting much of the seasonal and maintenance work done that is needed to run our community.  We plan them for four times a year: 2 in the spring and 2 in the fall.  People who live here (renters as well as owners) are expected to join for 2 to 3 hours of work.  We also include a meal and an evening ‘happy hour’ afterwards, in keeping with our commitment to promoting connection as well as getting stuff done.


  • Board of Trustees​:  The board is charged with the administration of the affairs of the community and is comprised of at least one member of each committee plus one or two ‘at-large’ members.  

  • Community Living:  The Community Living Committee promotes the social cohesion of the community.

    • Community Engagement Committee is a subcommittee of Community Living which oversees and coordinates the tasks involved in maintaining the physical and social integrity of the community. 

    • Membership Committee- is a subcommittee of Community Living, whose mission is to promote and maintain community vitality by providing a structure for the selling and renting of homes.​ 

  • Common House:  To organize and implement systems that will provide a clean, homey, and safe environment in the Common House – conducive to building community and supporting our values of sustainability.

  • Finance:  In the Pathways Cohousing Community, money is a resource to be used to promote the mission, goals and activities agreed upon upon by the general membership. We intend for the budget to respect and balance our different fiscal views, as our shared commitment to defined values

  • Building and Design: To support the planning, design, creation, and maintenance of the optimal physical structures to support community life and are consistent with the overall mission of Pathways.

  • Land:  The Land Committee is committed to maintaining a safe, sustainable, aesthetic landscape within Pathways wild and cultivated spaces. We seek to preserve and enhance human-environmental interface to the greatest extent possible.

    • Garden (a subcommittee of Land)   We meet on an as-needed basis.  During growing season, members of the garden sub-committee maintain and work in the garden.​​


  • Meals and Community Events:  we have monthly community meals on Sunday evenings, monthly seasonal potlucks and community work days eight times a year with pizza lunch and yearly day long retreats, as well as 'pop-up' events.


Building Community
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